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Bi-monthly RPG Club

Postby Herzwesten on Wed Sep 06, 2006 2:54 pm

Every time I GM, I can't help but regret the games I won't be able to play in. Ah well.
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Postby jenskot on Wed Sep 06, 2006 3:21 pm

jenskot wrote:So far we have desctiptions for:

Herzwesten - Paranoia XP
urbwar - Cinematic Unisystem + Enemy Gods
stormsweeper - Burning Empires
jenskot - Wrestling

And waiting on:

Evilyn - Sorcerer (sword)
Red Baron - Deadlands
oldSalty - StarTrek or Superheroes
mtiru (missing Dec 1) - Conspiracy of Shadows

I feel the same way!!! So much awesomeness!
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Postby oldSalty on Thu Sep 07, 2006 7:39 pm

Star Trek: Mortal Coil

System: Mortal Coil
Type: its a little more next generation star trekkie then original series

Space the final frontier...
Where the ominous and strange are broken down scientifically and where everyone learns a life lesson in the process. You get to boldly play in a world, nay, a galaxy of your own creation!

Each session will be a new episode of Star Trek. In the beginning of each episode we will decide what weird and fascinating cultures we will interact, battle or make peace with. In the first episode we will create the crew, the technology and the conflict. Every episode after we will just build the new conflict and keep the technology and the cast.

If you are familiar with Mortal Coil usually the group would create the "magic" of the game world. In this setting we will build the rules of technology! Does the ship have an AI? are those phasers? are there such things as pah-wraiths? i don't know, you have to want it!

Also, we all have a part in creating the conflict of the session. What aliens you want to interact with? Do you want to help Wesley find a date to Data's violin concert? do you want to have a ship dogfight? It's all up to you!

First week's episode plot:
"Your crew is sent to a distant planet that is having a border dispute"

Player Experience Needed: None, rules quickly explained
Max Players: 4
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Postby mtiru on Fri Sep 08, 2006 11:27 am

Title: The Hooded Ones
System: Conspiracy of Shadows
Type: medieval horror, heavy player authored situation, episodic sessions.
Description: Players take on the role of a band of outlaws, the Hooded Ones, commited to discovering and defeating an evil Conspiracy threatening their land. The players will collectively create the Conspiracy, their Cell, and their characters and learn the mechanics in a pre-GGG session.

Conspiracy of Shadows is a game of dark truths, hidden agendas, and a plan larger than the imagination. Just as many hands work towards both hiding and revealing the truth, gameplay encourages the whole group to create the action... No one knows for certain the full truth... until they play.

Player Experience Needed: none. be open to sharing and having other players affect/transform your character in play. Read the rules for free, online.
Max Players: 4
Missing Any Games: December 1st
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Postby Red Baron on Tue Sep 12, 2006 8:38 am

Name: Deadlands: Holy Rollers
System: Deadlands
Type: Western plus a bit of Horror and Strangeness

You're a posse of tough do-gooders and the Lord's on your side. With a bible in one hand and a shootin' iron in the other, you dispense your own brand of divine justice and put down what the devil's brought up.

Traveling from boomtown to ghost town, you're there to exorcise demons, protect the flock, smite the wicked and spread fire and brimstone sermons to the faithless.

Your motto: "Praise the Lord and pass the ammo!"

Player Experience: Rules? Whatever! I'll school ya' ombre!
Max Players: 4
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Postby Evilyn on Tue Sep 12, 2006 2:59 pm

Title: How to Make Friends(read: people that don’t want to kill you, yet) and Influence Non-People(read: Demons)

System: Sorcerer

Type: We’ll start with a player and GM generated Modern Day Horror/Occult for first 3 sessions, then decide to either continue or start a new mini-campaign set in the Sword & Sorcery/pulp style Sorcerer setting of “The Dictionary of Mu”. Intense Role-Playing with player narrated/authored scenes.

Description (taken from an unaddressed letter written by Jeremy E., NYC cab driver and sorcerer-looking-to-retire):

“Magic is real. That is, magic is a real pain. Forget about smart-ass Gandalf who’s so mighty he farts out dragons, or jolly-good Potters in magical schools, making wizard friends. What really exists is a handful of people that walk this sorry earth that have access to true, powerful sorcery. But sometimes I don’t know whether to envy them or feel sorry for these poor damned bastards.

The laws of science, teachings of religion and maybe even human morality don’t apply to these folks. I’ve seen freaks like them disappear (or show up) into thin air, walk away untouched after getting a dozen hollow-tipped bullets to the chest, pummel guys to death without even lifting a finger and pluck out the darkest, vilest secret from your heart (with you begging to tell it to them).

But I know their secret, something they’d be pissed if you knew…

They don’t have jack, just the ability to get power from controlling (ha!) demons. Or whatever you want to call them; they’re real but not human. It’s a pact with a thing-that-shouldn’t-be-here. Get Mr. Demon on your side and suddenly you’re flying through space like a superhero, staying young ‘n pretty at 70, have enough money to buy the Upper West Side and Queens, have everybody want you or want to be you. It’s great, sure, but demons can’t do it without our help. They need things to keep them in our world–different depending on the demon–to keep them healthy and make you powerful; human blood, sacrifice, ritual violence, cable TV. No problem you say…but it gets complicated when they start wanting stuff too…

I first wrote this to tell you to step back, reconsider what you’re doing. But I’m no fool and know that since then you’ve already gone and done the binding. Maybe you’re different from the rest and can handle it, stay in control…we’ve never met so what do I know. Hope you prove my worst fears wrong.

Yours Truly, J. E.”

The second-half of our session will (if we want) takes place in the setting of “The Dictionary of Mu” Sorcerer supplement by our very own Paka. Rough n’ ready, pulp-style sword n’ sorcery adventure on the lost continent of Mu. Sorcerers conjure the spirits of the bitter dead to work magic. Decadent cities are built on ancient battlefields where men once battled wicked giant lemurs for the land. A rock in a child’s hand will earn him his survival today, or can make him a king tomorrow.

Or, we can cook up our own gritty Sword and Sorcerer style Sorcerer setting.

Experience Needed: None. We'll have a pre-game session to develop our scenario, situation, characters.

Number of Players: 4
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Postby stormsweeper on Sun Sep 17, 2006 10:02 am

Will player sign up be this week?
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Postby jenskot on Sun Sep 17, 2006 10:05 am

Will have more info tomorrow and will announce a signup date at least 5 days beforehand.
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Postby Tekatana on Mon Sep 18, 2006 7:11 am

jenskot wrote:Will have more info tomorrow and will announce a signup date at least 5 days beforehand.

My crotch is warbling in anticipation!!
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Postby jenskot on Mon Sep 18, 2006 2:55 pm

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